BoriMix Afternoon Tertulia

San Juan Queer


November 16, 2021
6:00pm - 7pm EST
7:00pm - 8pm (Puerto Rico AST)
Virtual Event



Join us on Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 at 6 PM EST for another BORIMIX Afternoon Tertulía - San Juan Queer. San Juan has been a meeting space for the LGBT + communities, both locals and tourists, for decades. In this Tertulía, CENTRO’s Associate Researcher, Dr. Celiany Rivera Velázquez, will be in dialogue with Dr. Javier E. Laureano, author of San Juan Gay: Conquista de un Espacio Urbano de 1948 a 1991, about the queer evolution in the urban space of the capital city.



Javier E. Laureano completed his PhD in Caribbean history at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, with a doctoral dissertation on the creation of a modern gay urban culture in San Juan.  In 2016, he published his dissertation under the title Gay San Juan: creación de un espacio urbano de 1948 a 1991 with the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña and is one of the first books of Puerto Rican gay history.  He’s working on his second book, a history of AIDS on the island from 1981-1996. Laureano is also a leading environmentalist who has been working for over 25 years on issues ranging from solid waste challenges in Puerto Rico and Latin America to water source protection in NY, NJ, PR and the USVI.  He recently founded a 501c3 queer organization, the Puerto Rico LGBTQ+ Community Archive and is part of the US Senior Executive Service.


Celiany holds a doctorate in Communications & Media from the University of Illinois in Urbana­-Champaign. They have served as the Director of the NYU LGBTQ Center and as an Adjunct Faculty at the NYU Silver School of Social Work. Since 2016, they have served as faculty at Universidad de Sagrado Corazón and of Universidad de Puerto Rico. They are the founder of Circuito Queer an non-for-profit organization that designs educational and collaboration opportunities for feminist and LGBTTQIA+ movement leaders in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Their research contributions can be found in comissioned reports like Technologies for Liberation: Towards Abolitionist Futures (2020) and anthologies like Blacktino Queer Performance (2016), Feminist Erasures (2015) and Rita Indiana: Archivos (2017). Throughout their career, they have combined written and visual knowledge production to train and consult, as well as screen and present, their work in national and international settings.

November 16, 2021 at 6:00pm - 7pm
Patricia Fabian Jose deJesus Chanelle Aponte Pearson Richard Morales Wanda Acosta Brenda Padua Sandra Rivera Felix Perea Edwin Edgardo Otero-Cuevas Jesús Pérez Rivera Lillian Agosto Antonio Hernández-Matos Flor Joglar de Gracia Daisy de Jesus Isabel Padilla Ricardo Jimenez Audrey Rodriguez José R Benitez-Melendez Mary Romero Anibal Garcia Luis Aponte Pares Rafael Ortiz-Sanoguet Yvette Martinez Noemí Segarra Ramírez Jorge Irizarry Daniela Crespo Carmen I. Arroyo Dakota Tucker Javier García-Colón Annie Velázquez-Reca Karin Butler Isabel Guzzardo Jorge Ruiz Krizia Vargas-Garcia Tristán Rodríguez Vélez Ruperto Arvelo Yasmin RAMIREZ, PhD Zaida L Guzman Angela Ginorio Ortiz Peter Linda Diaz Annie Velazquez Sofía Gallisá Muriente Javier Laureano Gladys Acevedo Julian Collier

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