Forceful Females:
Leading Artists from the Centro Archives

This webinar examines the careers and accomplishments of Genoveva de Arteaga (1898-1991), Anita Vélez-Mitchell (1916-2015) and Tina Ramírez (b.1928) –three remarkable Puerto Rican artists that made important contributions in the fields of music, dance, theater and literature. This presentation, and its companion Centro digital exhibit, aim to bring visibility to the artistic and intellectual endeavors of these remarkable Puerto Rican women. The presenters will reflect on how the dynamics of gender and identity play an important part in the representation of women in Puerto Rican history. The webinar will also discuss how archival research and materials from Centro Collections enable a dialogue that recognizes the contributions of women artists and their inclusion in the master narratives of history.

Author: Dr. Noraliz Ruiz, Ethnomusicologist and member of Colectivo de Estudios Musicales de Puerto Rico

Commentator: Dr. Noel Allende Goitía, Independent Scholar and Researcher, and Associate Fellow in the Colectivo de Estudios Musicales de Puerto Rico


Dr. Noraliz Ruiz,, Ethnomusicologist and member of Colectivo de Estudios Musicales de Puerto Rico 

Noraliz Ruiz holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology-Musicology from Kent State University. Her research focuses on the Puerto Rican lutes: cuatro, tiple and bordonúa; particularly in the continuity and change of the instruments’ tradition and performance practice. She has also conducted research about underground music scenes in Puerto Rico and the production of indie pop, electronic and new music on the island. She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the popular music program of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico. Noraliz is a member of the electronic indie band Balún, a co-founder of the children’s music group Acopladitos and an associate researcher of Colectivo de Estudios Musicales de Puerto Rico.   Contact: [email protected]

Dr. Noel Allende Goitía, Independent Scholar and Researcher, and Associate Fellow in the Colectivo de Estudios Musicales de Puerto Rico

Noel Allende-Goitía is an independent scholar and researcher. At the Metropolitan Campus of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, he coordinated the Puerto Rican Music Studies and Research Center and the music graduate program. He has a B.M. in Voice from the Music Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and an M.A. in History from the University of Puerto Rico. He made a postgraduate study in Musicology at the Center of Studies and Development on Cuban Music (1992), in Cuba, with Zoila Gómez and graduated from Michigan State University with a Ph. D. in Music with a major in composition and a minor in ethnomusicology and a researcher fellow at the African Diaspora Research Project under the leadership of the late Dr. Ruth S. Hamilton. Allende-Goitía has published books in Puerto Rico music’s social and cultural history, music instruction and music historiography. His works in Music/Culture Social History have been presented at national and international conferences in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Spain, the United States, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, and Ghana.  Contact:  [email protected]


More on Anita Vélez Mitchell:

Website of the award-winning musical, “Temple of the Souls”

Poetry book written by Anita Vélez-Mitchell, her daughter Gloria Vando, and granddaughter Anika, Woven Voices.

Documentary film featuring Anita by filmmaker Claire Panke



Thursday, June 10, 2021 | 5:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM CST

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  • Noemi Santana
    commented 2021-09-11 17:43:59 -0400
    It is my hope that these presentations will make their way into schools and youth centers so that our younger generations can become acquainted with the women and men who paved the way for them — particularly if their career interests happen to coincide with those of these mighty icons. I had the good fortune of counting Anita Vélez Mitchell among my friends and colleagues some decades back. Anita shared with me the night of horror she, her family and m=neighbors experienced the night the U.S. Military forced them out in the dark of night, rousing them from their sleep and plowing their humble houses down as the chased after the residents. We also worked together in an actor’s workshop directed by Carla Pinza, another powerful and talented Boricua actor, producer, director and theater arts teacher we hear little about. Anita was a free spirit — a progressive and a trailblazer in so many areas but most emphatically in her artistic and written works. I would like to know if one of her last works which was an opera about Vieques is in your archives. Please respond to: Noemi Santana, [email protected] or 917 593-9650. Best wishes for continued success with this and other similar projects.
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