Special Issue Centro Journal

Special Issue Centro Journal: Critical
Perspectives on
Puerto Rico

This special issue of the Centro Journal entitled Critical Perspectives on Puerto Rico will examine the economic, fiscal, political and unfolding humanitarian crises in Puerto Rico and impacts on stateside communities. Prospective authors are encouraged to present their research at the national conference co-sponsor by the Puerto Rican Studies Association and the Center for Puerto Rican Studies to be held October 28, 2017 at Hunter College in New York City.

More than a year after the enactment of PROMESA, this special issue focusses on the discussion of policy issues regarding Puerto Rico's economic, fiscal, political and humanitarian crises from the perspective of stateside Puerto Ricans scholars. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Humanitarian crisis: poverty and social safety net, socioeconomic conditions, migration
  • Economic crisis: Jones Act of 1920, revitalization initiatives
  • Fiscal crisis: debt restructuring, PROMESA, fiscal reforms
  • Political crisis: plebiscites, elections, status, U.S. congress and Puerto Rico, diaspora engagement

Guest Editors: Edwin Melendez (Center for Puerto Rican Studies, New York) and Charles Venator (University of Connecticut, Storrs)

Submit 250-word abstract by October 16, 2017
Final Paper Deadline is November 20, 2017
Expected publication date for Centro Journal is Spring 2018

For publications guidelines: https://centropr.hunter.cuny.edu/publications/submission-guidelines

Submitted works should not exceed 35 double-spaced pages, including notes and references.

To send submissions or for more information please contact: Charles Venator Santiago charles.venator@uconn.edu


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