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Centro Voices | Vol 3, Issue 9


Welcome to another issue of Centro Voices. This week, learn about a new photography exhibit that explores the legacy of the Puerto Rican bodega in New York City. Next, we preview Bobby Sanabria's new Latin jazz-inspired interpretation of West Side Story, 60 years after the original stage production debuted. And lastly, read about two art exhibits exploring the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States through conceptual art. As a reminder, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade is still seeking applicants for its scholarship program and Centro Voices is open for submissions. Scroll down for more information.

Bodega is a word firmly rooted in the New Yorker lexicon, twice removed from its Spanish, later Cuban, etymology. By definition, it’s just a small grocery store, nothing too fancy. Yet for the early Puerto Rican diaspora, it was a way of life, emblematic of the Puerto Rican migrant experience after World War II. Carlos Sanabria grew up during this period in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He remembers running errands to the store and later, working at a store owned by a family friend. In his introduction to The Bodega: A Cornerstone of Puerto Rican Barrios, he adds context to these childhood memories by also providing a concise history of the Puerto Rican bodega...


Bobby Sanabria remembers the first time he watched West Side Story like it was yesterday. Accompanied by his parents and sister, Bobby watched the musical at the Loew's Paradise Theater in the Bronx. The lights, colors, and musical arrangements, captivated him. Back then, the musical, a modern retelling of Shakepeare's Romero and Juliet, was celebrating its 10th anniversary and well on its way to becoming an American classic. 50 years later, Sanabria and the Manhattan School of Music Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra will honor the legacy of the groundbreaking 1957 Broadway show with a special live performance on February 24th...


This month in New York City, two exhibits of conceptual art explore themes related to the current and historical relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. Pablo Delano’s The Museum of the Old Colony is currently on display at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at NYU. Ride or Die: An Exhibition of Newly Commissioned Work by Miguel Luciano is being hosted by the BRIC House Gallery in Brooklyn. The following is a preview of both exhibits...


Application Open For Smithsonian Latino Museum Studies Program

Graduate students enrolled or engaged in the fields of Latino art, culture, and history, are encouraged to apply for the Smithsonian's summer fellowship, the Latino Museum Studies Program! These include but are not limited to art history, visual arts, digital arts, cultural anthropology, arts management, performing arts, and related studies. Deadline to apply is March 15, 2017. The application and more information is on their website.

For further information please contact the LMSP Program Director, Diana C. Bossa Bastidas at BossaD@si.edu

Centro Voices Is Open For Submissions!

Centro Voices

Centro Voices is open for rolling submissions for paid contributors! Send your work (800-1,500 words) along with any additional queries to centrovo@hunter.cuny.edu

We're looking to publish work related to the Puerto Rican experience here in the United States, including:

*Book reviews on Puerto Rican texts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, academic)
*Puerto Rican cultural or historical essays
*Interviews with Puerto Rican artists (music, film, literature, etc.)
*Photo Essays focusing on Puerto Rican community and culture
*Community reporting cultural events or on organizations serving Puerto Rican neighborhoods 

National Puerto Rican Day Parade accepting Scholarship applications for 2017! 


The NPRDP will award one hundred (100), $2,000 scholarships to exceptional high school seniors and college/university students who are of Puerto Rican descent and giving back to their communities. Winners will also have the opportunity to participate in the Rising Stars Challenge, where the NPRDP will select the 2017 Princess, Prince, Duke and Duchess of the Parade. All applications  are due by Monday, February 20, 2017. Letters of recommendations and sealed transcripts must be submitted by February 27, 2017 to be considered.


That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for more articles, more news, and more updates on all things related to the Puerto Rican diaspora!


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