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Welcome to another edition of Centro Voices: Holiday Edition™. This week, we share our annual music playlist for the holidays, a touching Christmas memory from Dr. Harry Franqui-Rivera, and a tribute to the legendary Eddie Palmieri who turned 80 last week. Also, check out new stories, Centro updates, job openings, and more. 

Playlist navideño: Adiós 2016
Playlist navideño

I recently visited my paternal grandmother and asked her about my grandpa's records. She, also grieving and going through the process of organizing the room, promised to give me a box of records. Abuelo was a huge fan of tríos and of Cuban orchestras. Among the records there are many Los Panchos compilations and Cuban mambos. But there were also some albums of música navideña. This playlist features some of the holiday tunes found in my abuelo's records. Although the playlist could mainly consist of holiday classics I did not want to perpetuate the nostalgia of the old music. This year too, many Puerto Rican musicians have released excellent albums of music navideña... 


Harry's Brother

I was still a kid when I woke up one morning to find out one of my older brothers was gone. He had finished high school a few days before. Though I did not know, he had enlisted in the Army and had been preparing to leave. That morning he was on his way to Fort Benning in Georgia. Like tens or maybe hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans before him had done (and continue to do), he joined in search of a better life and opportunities. My mother showed us a letter he had left. He said that he was very sorry, that he did not want to leave us but he had to go...


Live in Concert: The Legendary Eddie Palmieri Turns 80

Eddie Palmieri

Eddie Palmieri is going to live to be 100 years old. Then he will retire for a decade before making his triumphant comeback at the age of 112, the same number of the street in El Barrio where he was born in 1936. At least that’s what El Maestro said during a concert at the 92nd Street Y to celebrate his 80th birthday. The audience at the Theresa L. Kaufmann Concert Hall stood up as Palmieri emerged from behind the stage right curtain. He began the set with a piece entitled, “Life,” a solo piano composition in which the piano melody is accompanied by Palmieri’s own unintelligible cries of anguish for his late wife, Iraida. Afterwards, he introduced the members of his band, the Eddie Palmieri Afro-Caribbean Octet, and declared, “You’re going to hear it, see it, and not going to believe it"...


New on the Centro Website


Have you seen the new Centro website? 
On our new site, you'll be able to:

  • Examine the latest RESEARCH on Puerto Ricans in the United States, including new research briefs on "Some Social Differences on the Basis of Race Among Puerto Ricans" and "Puerto Rican Households in the U.S."
  • Learn more about Centro's recently launched Cultural Ambassador Program.
  • Browse EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES at Centro, including several full-time researcher positions with full benefits. Earliest start date for all positions is Jan. 30, 2017Research Associate (post-doctoral)-Ideal candidate is a recent Ph.D. grad with a "post-doc" project for completion, such as converting a dissertation into a book, publishing chapters of a dissertation in peer-referred journals, etc. English/Spanish fluency required. Appointment will be for one academic year. Research Assistant-Supports research projects and activities of Centro director by assisting in quantitative data management, including data and database collection, reduction, formatting and maintenance as well as data analysis. Research Associate (multiple positions)-These are non-tenure track positions. Employment is from year to year up to a maximum of 2-3 years. Click for full job descriptions and application procedures. Contact José de Jesús with immediate questions: 212-772-5706 or jdejesus@hunter.cuny.edu


ART START-UP Event to Bring Loisaida Community Together 
Art start up

On Tuesday, December 27th, at the Theater for the New City, there will be a free ART START-UP event at 7pm for artists and members of the community to discuss the need for the arts in the neighborhood of Loisaida/LES. This will also be a forum to discuss the City Council's cultural plan for New York City. Refreshments will be served. For more information and reservations, call 212-254-1109 or email info@theaterforthenewcity.net

Centro Voices Is Open For Submissions!
Centro Voices

Centro Voices is open for submissions! Send your work (700-1000 words) along with any additional queries to centrovo@hunter.cuny.edu

We're looking to publish work related to the Puerto Rican experience here in the United States, including:

*Book Reviews
*Cultural or Historical Essays
*Community Organizations
*Artist Profiles
*Music Writing
*Photo Essays
*Community Reporting

Lastly, we wanted to let you know about a special holiday offer on the book of photography Así somos / Who we are. As a coffee table book, it makes great gift since it can engage the whole family in conversations about the past, present and future of the Puerto Rican diaspora. Through the end of the month, the book is available for Centro Voices subscribers at the special price of $48 plus shipping. You can buy the book here

That’s it for this week. We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. See you next year. Stay tuned for more articles, more news, and more updates on all things related to the Puerto Rican diaspora!



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