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This week on Centro Voices, we have a special issue focusing on Puerto Ricans in Pennsylvania, including two articles on the "DutchiRicans" of Central PA and their connection to the Mennonite community. We also have additional content such as research briefs, oral histories, and more, in case you are interested in learning more about Puerto Ricans in the Quaker State. In addition, stay informed on what is happening in Puerto Rico with two new PR News briefs. Then check out the Centro website for updates to the Library & Archives collection, Centro publications, and more. Thanks for tuning in!


Dutchirican: The History of Puerto Ricans, Latinos, & Mennonites in Central Pennsylvania's Dutch County

A new exhibit takes a look at the history of the Puerto Rican community that settled in Central Pennsylvania's Dutch County...

DutchiRicans: A Latino History in Central Pennsylvania, "On Women and Photography"

Explore the history of the Latino and Puerto Rican community in Lebanon, Pennsylvania through the photography of Ivette Guzman Zavala...

Is Congress' Plan To Save Puerto Rico Working?

It's been roughly one year since President Obama signed the Promesa Bill into law. Is it working? And what kind of approach should be taken going forward?



Informing and promoting the discussion among stateside Puerto Ricans about the current events related to Puerto Rico’s economic crisis.




Dr. Carmen Febo

Oral History Interview with Carmen Febo

This week, we are highlighting Boricuas in the Quaker State, i.e. Pennsylvania. Carmen Febo is just one of the illustrious figures in this week's issue. Since 1999, she has been Executive Director of Taller Puertorriqueño, one of the leading Latino cultural institutions in Philadelphia. Learn more about her life and career in this Oral History interview...




Landscape / Horizonte

This new exhibition at the Brooklyn gallery Fresh Window is in conversation with a previous exhibition held in June 2017, Horizon/Paisaje. Both exhibitions explore horizontal points of view to describe various cultural, personal and territorial landscapes. The work of the artists suggests maps of binary relationships considering the origin they all share, Puerto Rico...


Advanced Assistant / Associate Professor, Latin American and Latino/a Studies @ Smith College

Click link for full job description. Review of applications will begin on September 1, 2017...




U.S. Citizenship in Puerto Rico: One Hundred Years After the Jones Act

Check out this special issue of the CENTRO Journal dedicated to the Jones Act, which extended U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans in 1917. A short preview, along with a timeline of the past 100 years, is also available on the Centro website...

New acquisitions by the Centro Library & Archives

Here's a list of the new titles recently acquired by the Centro Library & Archives. Highlights include a new book on Arturo Schomburg, Puerto Ricans in Hawaii, books of poetry and prose, letters written by Julia de Burgos, and more...


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