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Another week, another edition of the Centro Voices newsletter. We have a lot of great stories to share and exciting events to tell you about. Read to find out more about what we've been up to. 

Review of Brooklyn Dreams, My Life in Public Education 
brooklyn dreams

Brooklyn Dreams: My Life in Public Education is the memoir of a diasporican scholar who is one of our most respected and beloved teacher/educators in public education. Sonia Nieto’s memoir is also unusual because much of it draws on a personal diary she kept over the course of her life. Thus, the memoir is remarkably detailed in terms of names of people she was with and activities she engaged in, unlike those of us who piece together personal recollections with visual and written fragments to craft a story.

The book is organized into three major parts that correspond to her development: Growing Up, Becoming an Educator, and Research and Writing; each section comprised of several chapters rich in details and historical context, with the theme of social (in)justice running across all chapters. The experiences she describes are unique because of who the author is, a Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican, the circumstances of her parents’ journey, arriving separately by boat and meeting subsequently in Brooklyn, in the early Depression years. However, some of the challenges the family experienced are common to other diasporican migrants...


Callejo Correa Family Tree

As members of the Puerto Rican diaspora, many of us trace our roots to that one family member, or  in some cases, several, who left the island to settle elsewhere. From there, we craft a narrative as Puerto Ricans here in the United States looking to carry on the legacy of those ancestors, even as the acquired distance, subsequent generations, and passing of time, take us further away.

For the Callejo-Correa family, the moment came in 1921 when Fernando Callejo moved to New York City with his wife Trini. By then, most of his children were already living here in the US. Callejo is known to musicologists as the father of Puerto Rican musical history, as well as a celebrated composer, educator, bandleader, and multi-instrumentalist. There is also a high school named for him in Manatí, the town where he would work as postmaster for several years with his wife in order to support his family.

Last month, Professor Nestor Murray-Irizarry, founder and president of Casa Paoli in Ponce, released his biography of Callejo, Fernando Callejo: ensayo de música...



The Forgotten Women of Puerto Rico's Nationalist Struggle (1930s-1950s) 


From the Ponce Massacre to the Nationalist uprisings of the 1950s, the story of Puerto Rico’s nationalism is often placed within the context of its most iconic moments, as well the president of its party, Don Pedro Albizu Campos. But women also played a significant role in Puerto Rico’s nationalist movement from the early to mid-20th century. Yet the names of only a few, most famously Lolita Lebrón, are evoked.

In 1950, for example, after the attack on the Blair House (temporary residence of President Truman at the time), 41 women were arrested, included the wives of each of the gunmen. And in Mayagüez, the names of at least 70 women can be found on a plaque which commemorates those who participated in the Nationalist struggle. Many more sacrificed their lives, were imprisoned and tortured, exiled.

In her latest book, which she presented last night at an event sponsored by Centro, Dr. Olga Jiménez de Wagenheim’s Nationalist Heroines: Puerto Rican Women History Forgot, 1930s-1950s attempts to recover...


New on the Centro Website


Have you seen the new Centro website? 
On our new site, you'll be able to:

  • Examine the latest RESEARCH on Puerto Ricans in the United States, including new reports on the Puerto Rican populations in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and California.
  • Learn about Centro's recently launched Cultural Ambassador Program.
  • Check out Voices articles on the late community organizer Carmen Pabón, and more.  
  • Browse EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES at Centro, including several full-time researcher positions with full benefits. Earliest start date for all positions is Jan. 30, 2017. Research Associate (post-doctoral)-Ideal candidate is a recent Ph.D. grad with a "post-doc" project for completion, such as converting a dissertation into a book, publishing chapters of a dissertation in peer-referred journals, etc. English/Spanish fluency required. Appointment will be for one academic year. Research Assistant-Supports research projects and activities of Centro director by assisting in quantitative data management, including data and database collection, reduction, formatting and maintenance as well as data analysis. Research Associate (multiple positions)-These are non-tenure track positions. Employment is from year to year up to a maximum of 2-3 years. Click for full job descriptions and application proceduresContact José de Jesús with immediate questions: 212-772-5706 or jdejesus@hunter.cuny.edu


Centro TV: Puerto Rican Voices

PR Voices Season 3

Puerto Rican Voices is back for the second half of its 3rd season with new segments on Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez, creator of La Borinqueña; the Borinqueneers; Sonia Manzano of Sesame Street, and more. Also, check out the rest of the episodes, which are available streaming online. 


Centro Voices Is Open For Submissions!
Centro Voices

Centro Voices is open for submissions! Send your work (700-1000 words) along with any additional queries to centrovo@hunter.cuny.edu

We're looking to publish work related to the Puerto Rican experience here in the United States, including:

*Book Reviews
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*Artist Profiles
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*Photo Essays
*Community Reporting


That’s it for this week. We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. Stay tuned for more articles, more news, and more updates on all things related to the Puerto Rican diaspora!


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