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Welcome to another issue of Centro Voices. This week, we are looking ahead to some upcoming events, including our Second Diaspora Summit in May. Read out the expiration of the debt moratorium and learn more about the Centro's role in convening the diaspora to respond to this important date. Also, preview a new book on the origins of the Puerto Rican community in Philadelphia. Lastly, check out the next two chapters in Dr. Harry Franqui-Rivera's Borinqueneers series on the experience of Puerto Rican soldiers during the Korean War. As always, scroll down for news on upcoming events and updates to the Centro website. Thanks for checking in. 

Debt Moratorium Set to Expire as PR Diaspora Prepares for Summit in NYC

The expiration date of the debt moratorium is just one of many issues that will be covered at our upcoming Diaspora Summit in New York City. Read more about the consequences of this expiration date and what it could mean going forward.


As the title would suggest, his new book, Before the Wave: Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia, 1910-1945, attempts to redress the dearth of research available and explore the early history of Puerto Ricans in the city of brotherly love...


Pride and Courage, A Borinqueneers Story: Chapters 4 & 5

Chinese machine-gun, mortar, and time-fused artillery fire were taking their toll on A and C Companies. Most of A Company fell back to reorganize. C Company clung to a small piece of the hill. A few men from both companies held a small perimeter near the crest throughout the night. It was a long, dark and scary night. The Borinqueneers repelled probes and small attacks throughout the night. They held their small position...


Musica de Camara 37th Anniversary Orchestral Concert

New on the Centro Website

Centro Voices Seeking New Contributors

Centro Voices

Centro Voices is open for rolling submissions for paid contributors! Send your work (800-1,500 words) along with any additional queries to centrovo@hunter.cuny.edu

We're looking to publish work related to the Puerto Rican experience here in the United States, including:

*Book reviews on Puerto Rican texts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, academic)
*Puerto Rican cultural or historical essays
*Interviews with Puerto Rican artists (music, film, literature, etc.)
*Photo Essays focusing on Puerto Rican community and culture
*Community reporting cultural events or on organizations serving Puerto Rican neighborhoods 

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for more articles, more news, and more updates on all things related to the Puerto Rican diaspora!

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